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Vijay tv super singer 5 title winner | Junior | contestants

Super singer Junior 5 winners

Super Singer Junior 5 will be aired from 26 November 2016 to 17 June 2017, every Saturday and Sunday 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. The finalists were: SSJ01 – Monika, SSJ03 -, SSJ04 – Prithika, SSJ05 – Gowri, and SSJ07 – jana

Gowri is a very talented singer. She was selected as the first direct finalist by the judges. She has also gotten more standing ovations than any other contestant in the season, as well as standing ovations for both of her performances in the finals. She is the queen of classical and western songs in the season.

Super singer best Performance

Her best performances include “Mona Gasolina” (Dance Hits Round) from Linga and “Ninaithen Vanthai Nooru Vayathu” (Kalathai Vendra Paadalgal Round) from Kaavalkaran, both of which she was awarded performer of the round for. Another of her outstanding performances is “Isayarasi Ennalum Naane” (Semi-finals), which was the song that got her into the finals as the first direct finalist, as well as “Vedham Anuvilum Oru Naadham” (3G Trio Challenge Round), which got her into the top 10.

She also got appreciated by musical legend Srinivas and playback singer Chinmayi’s mother for her rendition of “Vedham Anuvilum Oru Naadham”. The second finalist was Bavin. His performance at the finals was his best in the competition. He also got standing ovations for both his performances in the finals. Prithika was the third direct finalist. She is the queen of folk songs and got appreciated by judges for her “Manvaasanai”.

Down the season she didn’t restrict herself to folk. She tried western and melody and also got appreciated for those too. One of her best performances is “Senthoora”(Semi-finals) from Bogan. The fourth and fifth finalists were Monika and Dhanush, who got selected through wild card. Monika appeared in an earlier season, but got eliminated after reaching the Top 15. She could only reach the finals in this season.

She was also the first one to get selected to Top 10. She was appreciated for singing “Marugo Marugo” in the Singing with Judges Round. Dhanush is visually challenged and he was praised by the judges for his efforts. He sings folk songs well. He got selected as a finalist by singing “Putham Pudhu Pattu” in the wild card round. He got one standing ovation in the finals. super singer 5 winner list are here.

Title winner of Super Singer 5

At the finals, Prithika was the title winner and won a 40 lakh worth apartment. Bavin was the first runner-up, winning 5 lakh worth car as prize. Gowri was the second runner-up and got 3 lakh cash prize. Super singer vote

Super singer Junior contestents

SSJ01 (Monika) – Mannavan Vanthaanadi, Marugo Marugo, Chandralekha, Mariyamma Mariyamma, Alagu Malar Aada, Thulluvadho Ilamai, Nallathor Veenai

SSJ03 (Dhanush) – Putham Pudhu Pattu, Dandanakka Dandanakka, Ennama Ippadi Panreengale Ma, Engey Nimmadhi, Makka Kalanguthappa

SSJ04 (Prithika) – Senthoora, Thendral Vanthu Theendumbothu, Pandiyan Naanirukka, Aiyayo, Allegra Allegra, Nenjukulle, Muthukulikka Vareergala, Thulluvadho Ilamai, Kadhal Ara Onnu Vizhundhuchu

SSJ05 (Gowri) – Isayarasi, Vedham Anuvilum Oru Naadham, Mayya Mayya, Mona Gasolina, Ninaithen Vanthai, Oru Dheivam Thantha Poovae, Minsaara Poovae, Singara Velane Deva, Thoodhu Varuma, Yaaro Yaarukkul Ingu Yaaro, Athiradi Karan

SSJ07 (Bavin) – Uyirum Neeyae, Aadal Kalaiye, Ilaya Nila, Ullathil Nalla Ullam, Naan Autokaran, Antha Aarabi Kadaloram, Hey Vetri Velaa, Ilamai Itho Itho

super singer 5 winner
Super Singer Junior: Prithika declared the winner of 5th season, Bhawin and Gowri are runners-up; Twitterati give mixed response to the result

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