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Super singer vote for Punya new

Punya new


Super singer vote for Vikram Vikram Vikram

Vikram Vikram Vikram


Super singer result for junior is here, with some extraordinary young abilities. Vijay super singer vote result list online is a option to save your favorite contestant. Vote ends every Friday 12 noon. You have 50 votes per day. Vijay Super Singer 6 show has already created variety of singing abilities like airtel super singer Krishnamoorthy, Alka Ajith, Aajeedh, Spoorthi, and Preethika .

Super singer 3,4,5 season Winners

The title winner of the previous vijay tv seasons based on super singer result of the show square measure Krishnamoorthy, Alka Ajith, Aajeedh, Spoorthi and Preethika based on super singer result. Not solely the winners, all the worthy skills in each season do nice in their musical journey that they due. they’re prospering not solely in film music, they need additionally done cowl versions for standard songs that went microorganism over the internet

The best of singing skills were hand-picked From everywhere the cities through super singer vote result. The auditions were conducted in alternative countries too and at last, the simplest singers were chosen by vijay tv .

How to Vote Vijay Super singer Junior and get result

You can search on Google “Super singer Vote” or from here Super singer Vote . We have Missed call numbers to save your Favorite contestants. After voting super singer you can see the immediate latest result in super singer result

Super Singer 6 winner: Senthil Ganesh Won Title

The grand finale of the music reality show, emerging as the winner and lifting the trophy based on super singer results throgh voting. He also awarded a house worth Rs 50 lakhs. On his win, Senthil Ganesh said it was the victory of folk music artists. As he is the winner, he would get a chance to sing for music composer, A. R. Rehman.

The first runner-up was Rakshitha based on super singer result. She awarded a prize of Rs. 25 lakhs. The third place won by Malavika and she received Rs 2 lakhs. Srikanth also given the honor to sing for The first runner-up was Rakshitha. She awarded a prize of Rs. 25 lakhs. The third place won by Malavika and she received Rs 2 lakhs. Srikanth also given the honor to sing for A.R Rehman.

Super singer Result and Judges
Super singer Result today and Judges

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My support alaway for punya and Vikram n one also mufitha this 3contestern win this season7 all the best to all be win


Sam brother you win title god bless you




Murugan is talented but his focus is on the comedy and slipping in his singing these days hope he pulls up his singing. Punya has singing and showmanship uses her stage very well, Vikram has good vocals but stage conscious . Very different talents


Murugan vikram punya have tough competition. One among these three will win titile. If my guess is right….
My favourite mr.mookuthi murugan.


Please vote for suganthi


i think compare them both sam vishal is lovely singer , roshini already popular in cinema industry……

Mohamed Nashfan

I like sam …pls vote sam (i am sri lanka ..
Name nashfan )

kamala letchumy

Pls vote for Sam vishal


I love u Sam Anna… Keep rocking 😍😍😍😎😎


Wht a wonderful voice
Love u sam
I wish u would win the title


Sam is good singer . Sam is 1st time this episode anyway we need to give votes sam vishsl. (Iam safran from srilanka)


Please come go to the safe zone sam vishal


Please vote Sam vishal

G.Gowsalya brindha

I Like Sam Vishal and roshini. but please saved Sam Vishal. Roshini, you will come in wild card.


Sam is the best singer


I am big fan for Sam Vishal and then Shivangi..cangtatz…both f u ..
Thn yenakku Sam win pannanum


Vote for vai shagan Anna

Dharanidevi Bharathi

Pls vote for Sam visual🙏🙏🙏


Please vote Roshini


Please vote Roshini


Hi i am ravindhira kumar from sri lanka sam vishal anna paatum paatalgal anaiththum avvalavu inimaiyanavai my fovarite parson is makapanna avar kalaikkira antha style enakku romba putichchirukku


Please vote Sam vishal


S my vote is must sam vishal


Sam win pannanum please God



Superb singing vikram. I love ur singing….


i am vote for Roshini Coz i lie it her singing style congrtz


Wishing you Sam Vishal and shivangi


Helo Vikram anna I am ur biggest Fan of u….aug 25th sundy performance pathen….u r totaly rocked….Keep going anna…


Sam is super. In super singer old vote him. It’s Sam vishal fan from Sri Lanka

Balaji T R

Amazing forum to showcase singing talent.
Folks just sing your heart out, which I believe you guys are doing it. Special thanks to the BAND TEAM, ROCKSTARS. Judges doing an marvellous job to pick the best in the competing pair. last but not the least, MA KA PA & PRIYANKA, you guys are born entertainers. wish to be present there(live), hopefully soon. LOADS OF LOVE HAILING FROM BENGALURU <3

Shahid Fazaal

Hello I am Shaid Fazaal from Sri Lanka. I like Roshini. She is a best singer. But you all not giving chance to her. Top 6 contestance should be Roshini, punya, sam vishal, mufeeda, vikram and shivangi


Murugan super singer mass


Super singer is becoming like a comedy show with too much of criticism and sarcasm. Come on guys, give importance to singing. Seriously Shivangi should have won between Shivangi n Punya.


I guess Kannagi should go, she was singing her own song till now. Its not fair for other contestants. Judges should have told her, first 1 or 2 or 3 times were fine you wanted to prove but she has to choose the song according to the rounds. So fed up. She should go


Hi I am Bhagya and I I love priaga chitie she is very nice


Hi my name is shrikrutha daughter of savithri i’am from karnataka from chickmanglore dist i see all season of super singer and i like all the singer’s judge’s.priyanka sister i love so much u are to nice and makkappa brother i like u both are there in a stage means there will be more fun and enjoyment


Shana I wish you will practice a lot more.


Wish you sahana


super congrats roshini


Roshini is better quality stage presentation

Ariya murugan


Vignesh Kumar


Pramitha Kongeswaran

My vote is for Vaisakhan because i love his singing


Vikram forget musical lyric but still get goods point OMG funny ?




single gana song padunga anna


The photos of the competitors are swaped. So should we vote for the photo or name.


I love super singer 7 sam vishal the best singer and Karthik Davaraj anna super musicians and all the band of super singer


wish you all the best


Pls can vote Guna…


Abino kumar is too good to see and he had a lot of fans at my cousins r very love to hear him.thank u…


Very good show.


sir, i am vijay tv big fan. icontinue watching your programs. your ceo is super good man. because he opportunity given to poor and tallented person. god bless you

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