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Super singer vote for Murugan
  • 288150
Super singer vote for Sam vishal
  • 130350
Super singer vote for Punya
  • 166450
Super singer vote for Vikram
  • 91500
Super singer vote for Gowtham
  • 75350

Super singer result for junior is here, with some extraordinary young abilities. Vijay super singer vote result list online is a option to save your favorite contestant. Vote ends every Friday 12 noon. You have 50 votes per day. Vijay Super Singer 6 show has already created variety of singing abilities like airtel super singer Krishnamoorthy, Alka Ajith, Aajeedh, Spoorthi, and Preethika .

Super singer 3,4,5 season Winners

The title winner of the previous vijay tv seasons based on super singer result of the show square measure Krishnamoorthy, Alka Ajith, Aajeedh, Spoorthi and Preethika based on super singer result. Not solely the winners, all the worthy skills in each season do nice in their musical journey that they due. they’re prospering not solely in film music, they need additionally done cowl versions for standard songs that went microorganism over the internet

The best of singing skills were hand-picked From everywhere the cities through super singer vote result. The auditions were conducted in alternative countries too and at last, the simplest singers were chosen by vijay tv .

How to Vote Vijay Super singer Junior and get result

You can search on Google “Super singer Vote” or from here Super singer Vote . We have Missed call numbers to save your Favorite contestants. After voting super singer you can see the immediate latest result in super singer result

Super Singer 6 winner: Senthil Ganesh Won Title

The grand finale of the music reality show, emerging as the winner and lifting the trophy based on super singer results throgh voting. He also awarded a house worth Rs 50 lakhs. On his win, Senthil Ganesh said it was the victory of folk music artists. As he is the winner, he would get a chance to sing for music composer, A. R. Rehman.

The first runner-up was Rakshitha based on super singer result. She awarded a prize of Rs. 25 lakhs. The third place won by Malavika and she received Rs 2 lakhs. Srikanth also given the honor to sing for The first runner-up was Rakshitha. She awarded a prize of Rs. 25 lakhs. The third place won by Malavika and she received Rs 2 lakhs. Srikanth also given the honor to sing for A.R Rehman.

Super singer Result and Judges
Super singer Result today and Judges

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please vote Gotham thanks you guys


thank you please vote for gowtham and sam vishal

Sam fan

I vote to sam bro

r. k

Vote for Gautham, he deserves it, he should have been selected in the Semi final itself, because his 2 performances are awesome, but Vikram’s one performance was not up to the mark, just because he is supported by the judges he is able to be selected to the final, Gautham has never made any mistakes throughout the season and a good performer and his musical parameters are excellant. Vote for him

Nom Nom

Gautham should’ve been to finals because he won 1 battle and got great comments from SPB. Punya was able to go to finals with just 1 win. As for Vikram, he chose perfect songs against the opponents. He may not have bested against Gautham if he had sung Vandal mahalakshmiye but his chithiram pesuthadi was flawless. You could watch the expression on SPB’s face during the rendition and his comments. The second song wasn’t bad per se but definitely not to the level of chithiram. Unfortunately for Gautham, Sam just didn’t deliver.


Please Vote for Gotham because he don’t his family members support too.. Please think before voting.. thank you guys..


My vote shamvishal




My vote shamvishal


my vote is sam vishal

r. k

Vote for Gautham, such a talented singer, i don’t know why he was not given a chance to perform classical music, he is such good singer in his early ages, Shivangi is getting good marks many times because of her background. SO please vote for Gautham



ragu ji

is this official for SS voting website because voting result changing day by day uneven format


vote for sivangi..her vote getting less


each time i post ,my post will be remove..sivangi vote getting for sivangi..


Vote for Goutham


Pls guyes vote gowtham. He is silent but he is good singer. Sivangi got last chance in super singer she is peropely she is playing full girl and entertaining girl only.

Pls vote gowtham


I vote Gowtham he got talented and well behaved singers, I don’t like Shivangi her voice weird when she talk ….

Shyamasunder Subbarayan

பின்தங்கிய மாவட்டத்தில் எந்த வித இசை பின்புலமும் இல்லாமல் இந்த அளவுக்கு வந்ததே மிகபெரிய வெற்றி கண்டிபா மூக்குத்தி வெற்றி பெறுவர்


Why vote are reversing for gowtham


Dont vote gowtham.he is so silent.but sivangi entertain the show.she looks lovly and so young.she looks pretty.she is malayali.malayalies only leading.

Harshini Agilan

Shivangi second time vote for Gowtham

Harshini Agilan

shut up

sathosh kumar

Both are equal talent


Then why in tamil super singer, go to Malayali talent show


Please don’t talk about religion see on singer talent on , this super singer to choose talent singer not what is their religion Join the discussion…


Haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa


I need to help murugan native


I like shivangi sis so much but I love vaishakhan




how to give a donation to Murugan for a Mortuary cool room. Any bank A/c


Super singer one of the drama.


Its not abt being a person from singing background….its abt how deserving u are and in dat case shivaangi is better in singing….and murugan is also amazing and he will mostly win the show


No way murugan is unfit to put sangathi’s and just reproducing as an ordinary light music singer. Plus his get up and song selection sympathy grounds got a fan group. Singing with cultured voice is totally different that too for MOVIES.His talents are just like mimicry and not as professional singer . If it is COMEDY SHOW murugan can be entertained but super singer MUSIC show and they should give prominence to music to get a new voice of Identity. Therefore the most ideal Singer to win the TITLE IS VIKRAM only. He has a matured tender sweet voice and… Read more »


Ya sure…. I know that but I told it in people’s perspective..(based on public connect and votes)
I know that Vikram and punya are more deserving….
Even I am a trained singer and I know….


I too have the same opinion


Only murugan can win

Kamala latchumy

Sam vishal and Mukuthi murugan


vote for vaishakan nice singer i like it


Both are very talented and well behaved singers. All the best to them.


Shivangi already singer family so she can do anywhere. But vaishakan not Like that.. So vote vaishakan

Harshini Agilan

I know. I dont like shivangi. Vote Vaishagan


Look at the result. Everything is fraud

Dinesh kumar

Shivangi Namma ooru ponnu aana andha vaishakan endha ooru Da dei first Namma Tamil makkaluku importance kodungada tamilane tamilanuku help panalana Pina pakathu state kaarana help panuvaan killichan Namma Tamil pony Shivangi avalukudhanda en support vaishakanku vote pandra vaiyasana kelatu paiya


I respect your opinion but I think talent is more valuable than which state these contestants are from. I think it is a little inappropriate to try to bring in this fight about states when they are all Indians.

Ramesh Sundaresan

Rubbish shivangi is also from kerala. Only. I hate such kind of differentiation for MUSIC.Sruthi should be there and perfect pitching should be there.Even PUNYA & Shyam Vishal also making pitching mistakes and got selected. But Vikram has given Class performance and got 5 times best performer winner especially his ISAIYIL THIDANGUDAMMA SONG AND MUDAN MUDALIL PAARTHEN SONG WITH HI SPEED KALYANI SWARAM ALONG WITH SHANKER MAHADEVAN IS SELF EXPLANATORY. VIKRAM ISthe perfect singer among all the contestants.


Shivangi too is a malayali..and now what will u do?pathetic thinking..shame


Shivangi is not ready for the final. She should be out. I wonder how Vikram get through this time even though he sang badly. The timing and high pitch are gone. The judge Benny Dayal said they know what he capable of. That’s totally wrong. It’s favoritism. He only can sing melodies.

Murugan, Punya, Gowtham, and Sam should be in the final.


I totally agree. Objectively speaking, Vikram faced few difficulties this round and compared to rest of the members I felt like Shivangi and Vikram are highly potential danger zone candidates (for this round at least). Furthermore, Shivangi has not been on par with other contestants for the past 2 rounds where in previous round lost against Punya and won by 1 point against Vaishagan (I am sorry to say this but he was way better than her in this round). This one point pushed Murugan to danger zone even though he lost tie to Punya with equal points, and lost… Read more »

Ramesh Sundaresan

The judges are doing their job perfectly and the other contestants like murugan gets Sympathy wave and beaten Mufidha a good singer.Punya is singing without Pitching and covering up with song selection & dance. Though the Rajini song was very poor pitching by her and as because Anirudh presence and got full mark but Vikram sang very well.. His voice is too young and trendy and his knowledge in classical is vast unlike other contestants.Shyam vishal may have supporters but without sruthi he sang too many songs and he is not fit to be in top 5. You can’t sing… Read more »


Why simple create story about shivangis anyhow she are talented singer and a up-coming singer .

Harshini Agilan

Guys as you already know this week Vaishagan and Shivangi are nominated for elimination. I know that some of you don’t like Shivangi and I don’t like her also. If you gusy can help me and vote for my favorite Vaishagan I will be so happy. Shivangi is not fit to be in finals whereas Sam Vishal, Vaishagan, Punya and Vikram deserve to be in finals. Please can you guys make my wish happen by voting for Vaishagan.


Oh is it but unfortunately vaishagan going to eliminate wait and watch….


it is fixed one so vaishagan ill be eliminated for this week.


Please vote continuiouly for vaishagan Anna in,unlimited vote can do.. Pls help him.


Shivangi was been saved from day one..just because she is the daughter of famous singers..her voice quality is just average,and she has sung below average whenever she competed with vaishakhan..He is stronger than Vikram too


Vishagan songs good no doubt but shivangi has given the best performance several times .her duet with murugan THANGAJARIGASELA SONG SANGATHIS ARE the best. But her OUR NAAL PODHUMA song is very poor try. Both are same level only. Whereas VIKRAM did very well several times his ISAIYIL THODANGUDAMMA & MUDAN MUDALIL PAAARTHEN Song and carnatic swaram singing along with Shankermahadevan is really amazing. You are totally wrong in saying vishagan is better than Vikram. Let me clarify from their VEENAIKODIYUDAIYA VENDHANE SONG. Vikram shown Bhiravi and all lines with PERFECT Tagaswaroopam. But Vishagan not done anything. There for… Read more »

Harshini Agilan

Guys this week Shivangi and Vaishagan are nominated for elimination. I know some of you don’t like Shivangi and I also don’t like her. If you guys can help me and vote for my favorite Vaishagan Anna I will be the most happiest person on this world. Shivangi is not fit to be in final but Vaishagan, Vikram, Sam Vishal and Punya are.


I too don’t like the girl… Who is not even a toilet singer.


Swetha’s guru is Shivangi’s mother and all are from Kerala. Murugan is a poor farmer with no big influence. He is talented but he has no proper education and does not know how to deal with this situation. He has been downgraded over the past few weeks and was criticised harshly by the anchors in the name of joke which he put up with just to stay in the competition. Murugan needed help which was not provided by the judges. Only if all the people watching this show unite and stop supporting the judge’s songs or their other singing activities… Read more »




no.please see Divagar preethika . so there was no support for city fellows and crtisisation for poor fellowsfrom the judges. i am in judges side. sorry friend


Swetha’s guru is Shivangi’s mother and all are from Kerala. Murugan is a poor farmer with no big influence. He is talented but he has no proper education and does not know how to deal with this situation. He has been downgraded over the past few weeks and was criticised harshly by the anchors in the name of joke which he put up with just to stay in the competition. Murugan needed help which was not provided by the judges. Only if all the people watching this show unite and stop supporting the judge’s songs or their other singing activities… Read more »


I saw 75L+ votes for Murugan when I voted 2 days ago. Then it started from zero. Something wrong in the voting system and the credibility is in question. Fortunately Murugan is again leading. now.


Swetha full support shivangi last episode also cheat pannitaga marks la shivangi low ana evanga rules ah change pannitanga..


True. There are better singers than shivangi but the others rejected singers like ROSHINI & POORNIMA is not correct. Shwetha has done injustice to way of supporting unqualified shivangi to top level.


Vote for murugan..i saw murugan was highest in vote but now less…how come


Judges who are related to contestants and Malayalam speaking are favouring some contestants who are young. The older contestants are judged critically and thrown out which is unfair to the Tamil community


Hello, When i was voting yesterday, it was showing 72+lakhs for Murugan….but today its showing only 2 lakhs 69000 & showing more for Mufeeda… why so? Is this a fraud voting system then? Kindly clarify


Yenadi idu already murugan leading la irundaru mufeeda oda 70lakhs vite la ipo murugan verum 2lakhs vote la irukaru cheating nadakudu


Yesterday I saw different votes for murugan today different what happened


sivangi is bad sing..anuradha rombe over nadikra nayi. inthe sivangi suppport tha..avale oru mokke


I dont know what talent does Muffwda and Sucangi had. Compared to Murugan, Suganthi,yogi,and Roshini the both are nothing. Bad judgement.

Unmai Virumpi

Each and every stage the Director of the program keeps changing their rules according to the view of the program popularity not based on real talents….Vijay TV you may announce it….this is not a competition….it’s just a fun program….


please support mukkkuthi murugan dharmapuri karan


Murugan this best singer and best entertrainer. Winner of this show one on one Murugan only.


Bye bye 👋 👋 👋 mufeeda


Murugan. without any musical background or musician back-up competing with other contestants who are already trained with music courses. that should be encouraged and supported. so my choice is Murugan. He should win, he will win. God bless you Murugan. All the best for the final,

Ushanthan Rajakulasingam

Kevalam marupadium unka velaja kadda velikkiddinka pola sivaangi ah kappatta rules ah mathiddanka paavikal ouru rasikana mikavum varunthiren ovvoru. Show aum thavarathu pathu varan munnoru mura sivaangi low marks eduththa pothu no elimination endinka ippa marupadium kappatta rules ah maththidinka ellam avan arivaan

Sekhar Palani

This time judges cleverly put murugan in danger zone to save shivangi especially swetha


Yes escpecially swetha always praise shivangi and punnya whatever they sing


Yogi;suganthi and Toshini are more talented and versatile singers compared to some singers of judges choice. I thinh some singers are there just because the judges give results in favour of their know parents. Suggest only music directore being the judges.


Anuradha supports vikram. Very obvious. BS

Tarun krishna

You should lookout the credentials of the contestant through their performances. Vikram excelled his performance 5 times and delivered his best and got applause from everyone including All judges. Let us take Shanker mahadevan conveyed Vikram is with the best singing ability. On that day his kalyani alapana and swaram singing is the best performance by Vikram who is the most suitable person to get the Title SUPER SINGER.Ilove his voice and Isaiyil thodangudamma song very much.Anuradha is too kind and very much down to earth person who appreciating everyone who performs well.


Murgan should win the cup. He is a good singer, he deserves winning.


பின்தங்கிய மாவட்டத்தில் எந்த வித இசை பின்புலமும் இல்லாமல் இந்த அளவுக்கு வந்ததே மிகபெரிய வெற்றி கண்டிபா மூக்குத்தி வெற்றி பெறுவர்

Atrul pravin



Be Indian and enjoyed the realistic,event you are too good ,it is competition so mistake judge as mistakes no favoritism….I love all Judges and participants all are good!For a good music you need a a good skills don’t be narrowed minded…sorry to said so love you all