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Star vijay new promo the wall

The Wall is an American TV show. The Wall is a pegboard of four stories (40 ft), comparable to a pachinko game or bean machine. It is comparable to the Plinko board used on The Price Is Right for the pricing game of the same name. The board’s bottom is split into 15 slots with different Rupees quantities, eight of which range from Rs.1 to Rs.100k and stay continuous throughout the match, while the others have greater values and rise from round to round.

Star vijay new promo the wall
Star vijay new promo the wall

At the top of the board (above the center seven slots) are centered seven numbered “drop areas” from which balls can be thrown into play.

Each match is played by a team of two participants with a prospective top. Green balls placed on the board will add to the bank of the team, while red balls dropped on the board will subtract. The bank has a Rs 0 floor throughout the match.

List Of Rounds in Show Season 1

Round 1: Free Fall

In Free Fall, a series of five issues are posed to the team, each with two responses. Three balls are released from the Wall drop areas 1, 4, and 7 at the same time as each question is asked. The team must pick one response and lock it in before any part of a ball crosses a cash slot’s limit.

If at the end of this round the team’s bank balance is zero, the match is over and they leave without any wins.

Round 2

The contestants are segregated for the rest of the match at the beginning of the second round. One enters behind The Wall in an isolation room, while the other stays on the stage. Two green balls are performed at the same time, dropped from the onstage player’s selected areas. Three questions of multiple options are then performed, each with three options of answers.

The wall game show vijay tv
The wall game show vijay tv

Round 3

Gameplay continues as in Round 2, but four response options are now available for each of the three issues. In addition, at the beginning and end of the round, four green and four red balls are performed and drawn one at a moment instead of simultaneously from the Wall.

Top 5 Things about The Wall Game Show

  • There are three rounds.
  • It’s a pure chance game
  • The values change from round to round at the bottom.
  • There are guaranteed winnings for contestants to answer the questions properly.
  • There are many distinct versions of this game worldwide.
  • There was a Wall video game published in 2017.

The Wall Timings and highlights:

Show : The Wall
Season : 1
Language : Tamil
Channel : Star vijay
Timings : Weekends 8pm – 9.30 pm.
List of rounds: 3

The latest vijay tv promo about the wall

Recently vijay tv released promo for the new season the wall.

The Wall – Latest Promo
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