This Week Its Shivangi or Vaishagan- Super singer Vote | Season 7

super singer vote for vaishagan and shivangi

Super Singer season 7 is one of South India’s most watched music reality show and the contestants follow a enormous fan, so every time individuals vote to save their favorite contestants, there is an elimination vote. This time in Super Singer season 7, it’s Super Singer Shivangi Vs Super Singer Vaishagan.

Super Singer Vote – Season 7 – Results Today

A few contestants face elimination each week and the public is supposed to save their favorite between the two. Super Singer 7’s internet voting method is a very easy method. Shivangi is leading in this week with vaishagan

Super Singer Season 7 Voting elimination

We observed Shivangi and Vaisakhan fighting against each other in Super Singers season 7 last week for the outcomes of the elimination vote. The amount of rivalry during the original voting hours was really high. But in the end, in terms of voting outcomes, Shivangi took the lead.

Shivangi and Vaishgan compete against each other this week. Comment below why after voting you want to save this contestant. Here’s also how you can vote online formally.

Official Super Singer Vote 7 Method:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here’s how you can vote online formally

  1. Search Google ‘Super singer vote’ or ‘Super singer voting’ or Click here to vote.

    super singer vote for vaishagan and shivangi

  2. Google result will show nominated super Singer contestants.

  3. Sign in to your gmail account if not signed in and proceed 1

  4. Poll him/her Your Super Singer Vote and Submit.

    Note : Do not open the incognito mode browser.

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5 months ago

Sam Vishal titel winner

1 year ago

Plzz vote for sam vishal
Super singer season 7 title winner sam vishal plzz vote for sam vishal

1 year ago

Super singer season 7 title winner sam vishal plzz vote for sam vishal

1 year ago

Murugan bro 🙋l like u

1 year ago

Shivangi very nice singer

Harshini Agilan
1 year ago

I want my favorite Vaishagan Anna to come to final please along with his friend Sam Vishal Anna.

1 year ago


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